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Insider tips on when to book your vacation

Here are our top insider tips on when to book your vacation. Cruise Vacations Cruise lines offer their best prices and bonuses when sailings first open up for sale.  This is of course also when the ship has its full inventory of staterooms available. As mid-size and small ships have far fewer staterooms to choose […]


Biking Vacations 101

Biking vacation are on the rise!  Learn the lay of the land and sample all the food and wine you want, after all on cycling vacations, you earn it, along with a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, start your planning with these four tips. 1. Find your own pace. […]


Emerging Travel Trends

There are several emerging travel trends this year that put less focus on destinational travel and more focus on experiential travel.  Travellers still want to visit Paris but how they want to experience it has changed. Here are our top emerging travel trends that will change how you experience your next vacation. Local Immersion Increasingly we are […]


Packing for your Active Holiday

What to pack for your Active Holiday?  Having the right clothing is important for any vacation as being comfortable will only improve your vacation experience.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing your Active Holiday wardrobe In general Choose clothing that wicks away moisture, breathes and allows you to move freely. Linen blends, cotton and […]


5 Things to do Pre-Travel

1. If possible, check-in or register online. Traveling usually involves post-booking documents, such as completing paperwork for your upcoming cruise or tour. Do this early, and you can help guarantee the dinner reservation at the hot restaurant, the best times for spa treatments, a spot on the excursions you want, and more. 2. Watch your […]


Trending Destinations for 2018

Here are the trending destinations for 2018. San Antonio Many travellers are less familiar with the city’s myriad draws, beyond the Alamo. In 2018, San Antonio celebrates its 300th anniversary. Tricentennial activities are planned throughout the year, including a week full of events and entertainment from May 1 through 6. That’s on top of the […]