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Where to travel during hurricane season

Where to travel during Hurricane Season

Where to travel during hurricane season is a question that comes up frequently at this time of year. The hurricane season officially kicks off June 1 and runs until November 30.   As the hurricane band includes the Southern US, most of the Carribean and Mexico, many popular destinations are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. What is […]

pre-travel checklist

Pre-Travel Checklist

Use this Pre-Travel Checklist to ensure nothing important is overlooked in the flurry of activity before you head off on your adventure.  We have even created a pdf version you can print off and use as a reference. Download it here PreTravel_Checklist.pdf Getting your home ready Pre-Travel Checklist Empty the trash and recycling Clean out the fridge […]


6 Ways to Travel Sustainably

Use these tips to travel sustainably or better yet put them in practice at home! Say “No” to Plastic Water Bottles (and straws!) Better yet, bring a reusable water flask from home or ask your tour operator or hotel for local recyclable purified water. Your request will send a message that you care about stopping […]

ideal multigenerational vacations

Ideal Multigenerational Vacations

Our top picks for ideal multigenerational vacations. Villa Rentals Villas offer togetherness and are ideal multigenerational vacation spots.  Unpack once and use it as a home base from which to explore. Our Virtuoso partner, Villas of Distinction offer luxury villas in over 50 countries including the Carribean, Mexico, Tuscany and the South of France. The Villas range in […]


Insider tips on when to book your vacation

Here are our top insider tips on when to book your vacation. Cruise Vacations Cruise lines offer their best prices and bonuses when sailings first open up for sale.  This is of course also when the ship has its full inventory of staterooms available. As mid-size and small ships have far fewer staterooms to choose […]


Biking Vacations 101

Biking vacation are on the rise!  Learn the lay of the land and sample all the food and wine you want, after all on cycling vacations, you earn it, along with a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, start your planning with these four tips. 1. Find your own pace. […]