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15 Amazing Complimentary Travel Perks at Virtuoso Hotels

How can you receive complimentary travel perks on vacation?   Book through a Vision Travel Advisor.  Because Vison Travel is part of Virtuoso, the words leading luxury travel organisation, they can secure complimentary travel perks you can’t get on your own. These perks can include breakfasts, rooms upgrades or hotel credits, however, some hotels really bring the WOW […]


5 Reasons Why NCL is a Great Option for a Multi-Generation Vacation

Multi-generation vacations are on the rise as families look to spend quality time together and create lasting memories in an increasingly busy world.   Vision Travel’s VP of Marketing, Stephen Smith, is a veteran of six (yes six!) multi-generational vacations, here is his account of his family’s latest adventure on board Norweigan Cruise Line. 5 […]


Best Rooftop Patios in Canada

Here are the best rooftop patios from coast to coast to kick back on this summer. Patio season has arrived. The Argyle, Halifax A fixture for the past 20 years in the entertainment district of Halifax, the Argyle is definitely the place to see and be seen.     Terrasse Sur l’Aberge, Montreal Located in the heart of […]


Your Guide to River Cruising

  What should you know before sailing away on a river cruise? We have put together this river cruising guide of 14 essential facts will help prepare you for a wonderful experience on the world’s rivers. River cruising provides great value. Cruising in general, is a wonderful value, since your accommodations, transportation between ports and […]


Free Museums in London

  It’s safe to say that London isn’t the cheapest city in the world. There are undeniably hotels and restaurants (not to mention stores such as Harrods) which are famous for their eye-watering prices. But here at Vision, we’ve come to the rescue with a great tip for stretching your loonies, free museums in London. […]


Five Reasons to Visit Belgium

  Reason enough to visit Belgium? The food, of course. Decadent, sweet waffles are sold on nearly every street corner, chocolate is as much a masterpiece as the Bruegels and Rubens artwork, and moules frites are washed down with crisp, cold Belgian beer daily in restaurants across the country. But there’s more – the country […]