Packing for a Cruise

Packing for a cruise presents its own set of challenges so we have gathered together a few of our top tips to help ease packing stress for your next cruise.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Packing for a cruise

Traditionally cruising consisted of casual or “cruise wear” during the day, dressier evenings and a couple of formal nights. Today that is often no longer the case. With the advent of flexible dining options on board, guests don’t necessarily need formal wear or as many dressier options.  Be sure to check with your Vision Travel advisor on the dress code for your particular cruise.

Make a list of what you will wear each day, then you will see where you have duplicates or can make adjustments. This includes looking at your footwear,

If you a taking a longer cruise, ask your Advisor about laundry facilities onboard and the cost.  It’s worth considering if packing less and doing laundry mid-voyage.

Some cruises travel through a variety of weather, consider layering and leave heavy, bulky clothing at home.

Arranging your Suitcase

To roll or not to roll. Rolling your clothes can save you space and helps to minimize wrinkles.

Space saver vacuum bags really allow you to pack more into a suitcase which might allow you to bring a smaller bag, they keep things from sliding around in transit, and are perfect for packing up the laundry you are bringing home. Just be careful you don’t go over your weight limit! 

Split pack. If you are travelling with a companion. splitting your wardrobe over two suitcases rather than you each packing your own means should a suitcase get lost you still have something to wear until the airline can get your luggage to your next port of call.

Packing for a cruise

Carry On

Always pack a change of clothing in your carry on. If there is a delay in your luggage arriving in your stateroom once you board the ship, you can change out of your travel clothes and start enjoying your vacation immediately.

Our Number One Tip

Leave room!  You’ll need space to bring home treasures you found during your adventure.