10 Tips for Active Travellers

1) Challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and being open to new activities. Even a slight walk on the ‘wild side’ will enhance the adventure.

2)  Familiarize yourself with the culture of the destination by meeting interesting locals. Learn what’s important to them and what their daily lives are like. You might be surprised at how much you share with them.

3) Travel now. Some of these destinations are changing fast and may not be in their current state in just a few years.

4 ) Look at the world in a new way. Gain a fresh perspective and possibly even change an opinion.

5) Plan a trip that reflects you: your physical condition, your interests, your preferred pace of travel, a destination you’ve always loved or wanted to see.

6) Pack as little as possible. Depending on your planned activity, you may need to bring specialized gear. However, you may also need to haul that gear around. Click here for our packing tips.

7) Don’t try to do too much. Keep travel distances manageable and build in rest days and free time. Having some leeway for spontaneous, in-the-moment happenings will add a fresh dimension to the adventure.

8) Active doesn’t necessarily mean challenging. It’s possible to adapt most activities to the traveller’s abilities and comfort level.

9) Disconnect from your regular 24/7 digital world. Be truly present for whatever you’re experiencing. Savour your connection with nature during the trip. (More on Digital Detox Trips.)

10) Get into shape before you leave home, not during the trip. And be realistic about your abilities. That occasional weekend bike ride or hike may not be enough preparation for miles of travel every single day on a trip