Where to travel during Hurricane Season

Where to travel during hurricane season is a question that comes up frequently at this time of year. The hurricane season officially kicks off June 1 and runs until November 30.   As the hurricane band includes the Southern US, most of the Carribean and Mexico, many popular destinations are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. What is a traveller looking for sun and surf to do? Here are our recommendations.

Where to travel during hurricane seasonChoose to Cruise

One of the many great things about cruises is that they are nimble. Ships are able to sail away from inclement weather and into calmer seas.  If an island is being hit by negative tropical weather, that port of call can be cancelled and passengers gain an extra fun day at sea giving you more time to enjoy the spa and onboard activities. This is a particularly good choice for multigenerational summer holidays.

ABC Islands

The ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are located outside the hurricane band just north of South America. These islands enjoy consistent weather year round making them perfect hurricane season destination.

Where to travel during hurricane seasonBarbados

Barbados is another island with consistent year-round weather. Due to its southern location, it’s rarely affected by hurricanes. In fact, Barbadians bask in more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year!  July to December is the rainy season but the rain comes in quick showers leaving you with plenty of to enjoy the exceptional snorkelling and diving the island has to offer.


We have grown into the habit of always looking to the south for our beaches but Canada is home to some spectacular ones. Travel to one of them during hurricane season this year and skip the stress. Both our coasts offer an array of stunning beaches and interesting sites ideal for travellers of all ages.


The flowers are always in bloom in Hawaii thanks to their year-round daytime hights that range between 25 and 31 degrees. No wonder Hawaii has been the number one summer honeymoon destination for more than a decade. The summer months are the warmest and have the least amount of rainfall. Perfect for post-wedding recovery.

Speak to your  Vision Travel advisor for other great option for your summer vacation.