Frida Kahlo at Home

frida at homeThe next time you travel to Mexico, immerse yourself in Frida Kahlo at Home by Suzanne Barbezat. This fully illustrated book explores the effect of Mexican culture and tradition has on the work and life of Frida Kahlo.

Frida was a Mexican artist, activist and unintentional fashion trendsetter. She lived from 1907 to 1954, much of her life in severe pain due to childhood polio and a near-fatal tram accident when she was a teenager She is known today for her paintings, especially her self-portraits, a skill she developed when she was confined to bed and her mother hung a mirror over her to give her a subject to paint. Often disturbing and moving, these portraits are mini-autobiographies, many addressing her frequent operations and desire to have children.

She went on to have a tumultuous marriage to fellow artist Diego Rivera (the elephant and the dove, her family called them), a union that social media would be all atwitter about today with its affairs and betrayals. Yet the two remained united in their support of the working class – Frida showing support of indigenous people with her traditional Mexican dress and chunky artisanal jewellery.

She was only 47 when she died, but what a life. Frida Kahlo at Home by Suzanne Barbezat is a delicious read, full of illustrations and photos and giving us a deeper insight into this compelling, stylish, fearless and original woman.