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The Unique World of Rail Travel

Within the unique world of rail travel, Rocky Mountaineer is so much more than just a train. It’s the key to unlocking a hidden world of unparalleled beauty as you carve through otherwise inaccessible terrain in the Canadian Rockies. Choose Your Adventure – Three Distinct Routes First West Passage | Vancouver → Kamloops → Banff Travel through […]


New in Cruising for 2020

Here is what is new for 2020 from some of our cruise partners. Celebrity Apex from Celebrity Cruises The much anticipated Celebrity Apex℠, the second ship in Celebrity Cruises Edge® class series, will make her debut in the iconic Mediterranean beginning April 2020. She will then grace the waters of the sparkling Caribbean in November […]


Antarctica with Quark Expeditions

Visit the 7th continent with Quark Expeditions. Diverse and mystifying, Antarctica is one of the last great frontiers on the planet, a place of stark contrast and indescribable beauty.


Italy: Strike update for September

Friday, September 6, 2019 Some Alitalia personnel will be on strike for 24 hours, from 00:01 to 24:00. Friday, September 6, 2019 Some airport personnel in Milan Airports will be on strike for 24 hours, from 00:00 to 23:59. Friday, September 6, 2019 Some airport personnel will be on strike for 24 hours, from 00:01 […]


Happy Birthday Canada 🍁

Happy Birthday Canada!  We have lots to celebrate and be proud of. Perhaps we here in Canada are a bit guilty of thinking first of exotic and/or distant lands when we plan travel. But there’s such a lot to see here, and your Vision Travel Advisor can help you narrow your choice down while saving […]


It’s Never too Late (nor too Early) for a New Adventure

Did you know that multiple studies and surveys show that one in three Canadians are guilty of not using all their allotted vacation time? Here’s one such study from ADP. Why bring this up? It’s hard to believe it but we are already halfway through 2019! As we head into the summer months, it is […]