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Gros Morne, Newfoundland

Vacation in Newfoundland

Newfoundland- It’s Canada’s newest province – and arguably its most fun one. From the cheesy-but-unmissable screeching ceremony (where you get to kiss a cod) to scenery that will take your breath away and hospitality second to none, Newfoundland and Labrador is a must-see for adventurous Canadians. Here are a few ideas for you: l) Gros […]


Small Ship Cruising

Imagine waking up to enjoy breakfast on your private veranda brought to you by your very own butler.  This is small ship cruising. Luxurious and elegant, these stunning ships have a huge amount to offer. Paul Gauguin Cruises Designed specifically to glide through the shallow seas of the South Pacific, The Gauguin is the flagship […]


No-tech Travel Accessories

There’s high-tech. Low-tech. And now no-tech. These are the travel accessories which won’t need charging, foreign plugs or access to WiFi. They’re simply some good old-fashioned tricks to make almost every journey a little easier. l) Little dollar-store gloves may save you on a drizzly spring day in Paris or while waiting for a taxi […]


Africa: Insider Travel Tips

It’s no surprise that an African safari is at the top of many Canadians’ bucket list.  And sure you can do it as rough-and-ready as you please.  But since it’s likely to be the trip of a lifetime, why not do it in style and comfort? Vision’s vice-president of leisure sales, Lynda Sinclair, has just […]


The Pleasures of Pole Walking

  A hobby – almost a lifestyle – that started in Europe is making its way to Canada, and with great results. It’s called pole walking, and if you aren’t a convert yet, you may have noticed folks striding along using poles not unlike ski poles.  What gives? For starters, there’s a great health payoff.  Canadian […]


Your Guide to River Cruising

  What should you know before sailing away on a river cruise? We have put together this river cruising guide of 14 essential facts will help prepare you for a wonderful experience on the world’s rivers. River cruising provides great value. Cruising in general, is a wonderful value, since your accommodations, transportation between ports and […]