When is the best time to book?

This is a question we get asked a lot; when is the best time to book my vacation?.  Is it better to book early? This allows you to take advantage of early booking promotions. Or is last-minute better? And hope there is an even better last-minute deal?

The answer to this question depends on many variables; when are you are travelling?   what are your travel needs? how flexible your dates are how many flights or hotels are available in a destination and often the weather.   We can in broad strokes give you an idea of how to decide what will be best for you. After all, that is the most important factor.  Your vacation time and dollars are precious, every trip should be your best trip ever.

Here is our breakdown to help you decided when is the best time to book.

The Value of Booking Early

When is the best time to book your beach holiday?Booking early gives you the luxury of choice as travel suppliers have their full inventory available.  Some destinations have a very limited number of flights, such as Aruba.  While there are hundreds of resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, however, the best rooms and hotels sell out quickly, especially with the smaller more intimate resorts.

Our partners are offering fantastic early bookings savings and bonuses.  Taking advantage of these save you money and means you have the peace of mind that your vacation is booked. The most common comments we receive about booking early are concerns that the price will drop after they book. Sensitive to this concern, our partners have come out with Price Guarantees, be sure to check with your Travel Advisor for details.

If you are travelling at peak times, the best time to book is early due to demand.  Remember peak time are not just limited to the Christmas and New Year period but also the weeks around Family Day and the two middle weeks of March.

Last Minute Deals

If you decide the best time to book is last-minute, you will need to be very flexible about the destination, departure date, hotel and accommodation choice – and not be disappointed if you don’t get your first pick.  Adult only hotels sell out quickly as do the top hotels for families and are rarely available for last-minute departures.

Last minute deals on travel re much like an end of season clothing sale, what is on sale might not be in your size. It doesn’t matter how good a deal it is if it doesn’t fit.