Trend Alert: Travel with your Bubble

We recently asked Rene Schneeberger, Vice President Leisure Supplier Management, for what he saw as the biggest trends in travel as we navigate these challenging times.  Here are his thoughts. 

The upcoming holiday season is shaping up to be like no other in recent memory as families navigate gatherings under a global pandemic. It has been a year where we have all had to put our gatherings on hold, missing celebrations, milestones, and making memories. For my part, I had decided early on to simply forego our traditional Thanksgiving gathering out of an abundance of caution for my elderly mother-in-law and our aunts and uncles we love to include. I must admit that the decision, while a prudent one, made our family and me sad. That is, until a newsletter – not unlike this one–landed in my inbox. Even though it was from a totally different industry, the headline “Are Bubbles the New Norm?” caught my attention, as it illustrated how other industries cope with the novel situation we all find ourselves in.

Upon further digestion of the notion, my research found that bubbles successfully worked for sports such as the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League to name a few. It also worked well in other fields such as manufacturing, medical, and even in educational institutions. So why wouldn’t this also work for travel?

A lightbulb went off in my head and I contacted our travel supplier partners for their input on this concept and the response was overwhelmingly positive. As it turns out, a wide array of options covering almost any budget and destination are available for Family Bubble Vacations over the festive season and beyond. What makes traveling in this way a winning proposition for many is the ability to minimize prolonged contact with the public at large through options such as seats together on airplanes, private transfers, private dining, and even private accommodation options, putting the potential for 2020 family holiday celebrations back on the table again.

While there is no fixed number of participants required to travel in your very own Family Bubble, several supplier solutions are offered from 12 travellers onward. Curated options range from adventures in our backyard from Intrepid Travel to the distant paradise of French Polynesia and exotic wildlife sanctuaries in Tanzania and Rwanda.

Here are some great Travel with Your Bubble options.

Travel within Canada 

There is a lot of opportunity for travel within Canada, For example, our friends at Fairmont have put together a fantastic fall road trip allowing families to get out and about while maintaining social distance with those not in their bubble.  Remember, there are virtually no visitors from outside Canada, so you will have all the best views to yourselves!

Our advisors have also put together a list of recommended Hidden Gems, fantastic hotels, and resorts across the country at are ideal for your next staycation.


Cuba is closed to Americans, so those who are concerned about being at a resort with guests from the US won’t have that concern here. With stunning beaches and friendly locals, a trip to Cuba might just be what your family needs.

Villa Stays

Though out Mexico and the Caribbean villa stays and private residences are available. These allow your family to stay together with limited contact from outside our bubble. For meals, Private chefs are available as well as grocery delivery.

Note: As of this writing Canadians returning to Canada must self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return. Covid-19 insurance is available while travelling out of the country, please speak to your advisor for more information.