Top 5 Experiences in Greenland with A&K

Located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, Greenland is the largest island of the world and an exciting destination for all adventure minded travellers. Greenland is also a place of fascinating contrasts, where enduring Inuk and Viking traditions thrive alongside a dynamic wilderness.

Abercrombie and Kent’s new 2020 Ultimate Iceland & Greenland Cruise offers a special focus to this magnificent island.  Discover spectacular Lindenow Fjord, Prince Christian Sound and more on excursions for active guests and families alike, visiting the Inuit villages of Greenland and discovering the deep-rooted Viking history of both countries alongside the most knowledgeable Expedition Team at sea.

Abercrombie and Kent’s truly believes that travellers who emerge themselves to the Greenlandic state of mind are rewarded with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Here are Abercrombie & Kent’s top 6 experiences in Greenland:


Hot Pools


Surrounded by mountains and icebergs, natural pools are perfect for those willing to relax and enjoy Greenland’s beautiful landscape. There are only a few hot pools in Greenland, the one above was discovered by the Vikings and it’s perfect at 38 degrees Celsius.


Visit Kangerlussuaq


At the mouth of the magnificent Greenland Ice Cap, Kangerlussuaq is a mecca for active and leisure travellers alike. Enjoy a ride over the majestic ice cap, with views of the calving glaciers from every angle.




Fishing is a great option for those looking for a wilderness experience in the rivers of Greenland. You throw out a line with small hooks on it, and it’s easy to catch as many as five cod at a time. The best part is preparing the fish afterwards.


Local Traditions


Whenever there is a celebration in Greenland, like a birthday party or a wedding, it’s common for locals to bake a cake with berries picked over the summer. Then, they invite everyone in the village over for cake and coffee, and maybe some traditional dried fish and meat. Being around locals and their culture traditions will make you feel like a true insider.




On your journey with Abercrombie & Kent you will have several opportunities to kayak in Greenland, where the ‘hunter’s boat’ was born, but it will be especially thrilling in Narsaq with the option to paddle into exciting ocean waters.


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