Antarctica with Intrepid Travel

Filled with natural wonders, unique wildlife, and many adventures, Antarctica has become one of the most popular travel destinations among the adventure travellers.

Intrepid runs a variety of Antarctica tours between November and March each year, cruising in comfort on state-of-the-art polar vessels.

With Intrepid you’ll cross the infamous Drake Passage and set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula, explore ice-dotted bays by zodiac and get up close with gentoo penguins and migrating blue whales. “Antarctic tours” doesn’t really do it justice. These are really Antarctic adventures.


Highlights of Antarctica

Your First Steps

Antarctica is so far removed from most people’s reality that it may as well be on a different planet. While it’s a mesmerising travel destination, it is also an interactive experience for travellers. Step from a Zodiac onto land and into the world of bustling penguins.

Kayak around the White Continent

Glide across glass-like water with nothing to disturb you but the pull of your paddle and the anticipation of your next wildlife encounter. All equipment is provided and the excursion is led by an experienced cold-water guide. Some kayaking experience is essential for this optional activity.

Spot waddles of penguins

Perhaps the most iconic animal to be found in Antarctica, nothing quite matches the excitement of seeing these sociable little birds waddling across the Peninsula for the first time. Keep your eyes out for adelie, chinstraps, gentoo, king, macaroni and rockhopper penguins.

Witness the wildlife of South Georgia and the Falklands

Savour wildlife encounters while exploring the islands dubbed the Galapagos of the South. Venture to the site of black-brown albatross colonies and the breeding ground for thousands of king penguins. Visit the old whaling settlement of Gritviken and follow in the footsteps of the polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.


Antarctica – the seventh and final continent, where penguins, seals and birds are the only permanent residents. Here’s a snapshot of what you might see when you visit the Southern Ocean.

  • Adelie penguins
  • Fur seal
  • Commerson’s dolphins
  • King penguins
  • Orca whale
  • Albatross
  • Elephant seal



Take your Antarctica experience to the next level with some outdoor adventures.


Fall asleep among the snow-capped mountains as you watch the colours of the night sky reflect off the ocean and surrounding glaciers. The only locals you’ll be sharing your home for the night with are the gentoo, adelie and chinstrap penguins who keep to themselves, nesting nearby.


Get up close to some of the natural world’s most unique and striking wildlife. If you choose to go kayaking through the ice-clogged waters of the Antarctic, you’ll have the chance to paddle around the edge of glaciers or past icebergs of white, green and blue.


Snowshoes are lightweight, traditional mode of transport that were originally used by indigenous North Americans in polar terrain. Because of how wide and light they are, they are an excellent method of crossing deep snow and accessing areas that are normally not accessible to people on foot. So, strap on your snowshoes and prepare for the ultimate Antarctic activity.

Your home at Sea

Intrepid knows you want to be as comfortable as possible while on board, which is why they have chosen vessels equipped with modern conveniences like LED televisions and internet connectivity, along with luxurious touches that make each voyage a true pleasure.

Each ship boasts onboard chefs to prepare a range of hearty, quality meals, and onboard experts to ensure you spend more time seeing the sights and less time thumbing through a guidebook.


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