Top 2020 Travel Trends

With 2020 right around the corner, planning for next year’s vacations can seem like a daunting task. There are some travel trends that have come to light through our partnership with Virtuoso that helps us examine what is trending for the upcoming year as we start to develop vacation packages for our wonderful clients. Take a look below at the top 5 vacation styles that will shine this year. 

Multigenerational Travel 

With time increasingly becoming more valuable, families are joining together to make their time together even more memorable. Journeying across the globe together can make the family bonds even stronger by creating memories that will last a lifetime. From taking family cooking classes in Rome to a safari in Kenya, sharing these experiences as a family group can strengthen the family bond for years to come. One suggestion would be to take a cruise. Many cruise lines have onboard programs tailored to fit every age range from kids clubs for the younger ones to educational courses for the more seasoned traveler. Excursions with each other in the different ports can be geared towards everyone’s interests. 


Many people think of a vacation as just going to an all-inclusive resort on the beach and spending their time sipping frothy beverages while gazing out at the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. More and more though, we are finding that our world explorers want a more authentic experience to learn about different cultures and different destinations more now than ever before. Unique experiences such as learning traditional weaving techniques in Peru or hiking glacial fjords in Patagonia have sparked passion in our travelers. Not only are they experiencing something completely new but they are also expanding their knowledge of the world around them. 

Active or Adventure trips 

Wellness is a major trend in travel now and with the increasingly sedentary lifestyle many of us lead, it is fun to get out and be more active. This can be achieved through travel, not just with beautiful wellness clinics on the steep Alpine slopes of Switzerland but even with a river cruise. Did you know that many river cruise companies have bicycles on board for you to tour the European countryside at your own pace? Even if you are not into camping, there is a travel trend officially coined “glamping” which is a luxurious experience set in serene settings. Think modern luxury meets magnificent nature. Experiences such as these allow you to view wildlife from your claw foot bathtub or have a chef prepared five course meal along the riverbank. 

Family Travel 

As with multigenerational travel, family travel is a smaller style of a similar concept. Parents and children come together to take a vacation that gives them a chance to grow their relationships and reconnect with each other. Many families are starting to get their children into the planning process so everyone can feel like they contributed to the vacation. From planning activities to helping to decide where to go, everyone can assist in the process. One tip here is to have everyone write down a list of top 5 destinations they personally would like to visit. Compare lists and see if there are any overlaps (or surprises). Teenage planners can even get excited and come up with some truly spectacular