TV Tourism

TV shows can transport us to amazing destinations right from the comfort of our own homes but visiting them in real life can be just as magical. From castles in the United Kingdom to actual outer space, let’s explore travel options for the television fanatics we all secretly (or not so secretly) we really are. 

Game of Thrones 

This show on HBO was both produced and filmed mainly in Belfast and other locations around the United Kingdom. Other locations also included Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, and Spain so to seek out every location in this series could take a while. Some of the highlights though are incredible destination in and of themselves such as Winterfell Castle in Dubrovnik, Croatia and Highgarden just outside of Seville, Spain. Many of these locations have Game of Thrones tours which can immerse you into the storytelling of the series so break out those snow boots and explore the snow scene filming locations of Höfðabrekka outside the southernmost city of Iceland.  

The Crown 

Set in the 1950’s, Netflix spared no expense in securing some of England’s most regal locations for their production. The Hatfield House in the United Kingdom was where Elizabeth I was told of her accession to the throne and Ely Cathedral stood in for Westminster Abby on the wedding day of Queen Elizabeth to Prince Phillip. Although the storyline is based mainly on Buckingham Palace, it was unavailable to as an actual filming location. Many stately residences were used to recreate the different scenes but the Wilton House appears in almost every episode. Even if you just stay in London, you can find walking tours that allow you to explore the real life locations up close and personal. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Even though this TV Show revolves around Brooklyn, New York, the show was actually filmed in Los Angeles, California at CBS Studio Centre. Los Angeles, is full of great locations throughout the history of television and movies so this is an obvious place to visit to get your fill of famous locations and to possibly bump into a star or two.

Star Trek 

YES! It is really happening people! Soon you will be able to visit space on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. Although there has been talks and production for years, they have recently taken the next steps and taken the company public which means that it is the first and only publicly traded commercial human spaceflight company. Although you need to book this experience with a professionally trained advisor who has been through Virgin’s training program, it is a good thing that we have 3 specialists on our team to get you there. Or, if you want to visit the actual filming location, Pinewood Studios in Toronto, Canada is where you need to go. Toronto is vastly becoming a major player in the TV and film industry so definitely make plans to visit this beautiful city as well. 


With Notes from Wikipedia and Tourism from Britain