Experience Foodie Heaven

Foodie HeavenExperience foodie heaven when you join an expert foodie on a culinary journey in Bali.

Your first stop is a home factory to see how the famous Indonesian cookies, known as Pie Susu, are made. A taste of these delicious cookies will soon reveal why they are so popular! Next its time for some liquid refreshment in the form of es teler, a fruit coconut cocktail sweetened with condensed milk.

Take a walk around the market in Badung to see the unusual herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits that are on display. Your guide will tell you the names and explain how they are used in Indonesian cooking. There is even the chance to try some of the fresh fruits and colourful Indonesian cakes.

End the evening at Bumbu Bali Restaurant to experience a traditional rijsttafel.  Created by the Dutch colonists, this banquet style meal consists of many rich and exotic Indonesian specialties and is the ideal way to try out the local cuisine. In fact, there can be over 40 dishes involved!

Ask your Vision Travel advisor how you can experience foodie heaven with tastes and aromas of Bali yourself with a personalized guided tour.