Why Travel With a Vision Travel Group?

Comment célébrer le 150e anniversaire du Canada?

l) You get your own experienced Vision Travel escort
You’re never alone when you travel on one of our custom group departures. Your Vision escort is there to take care of every detail and smooth any wrinkles…so all you have to do is relax and have a good time!

2) Customized departures
We don’t just put together a group of people and send you on your way. We always include extra “goodies” ranging from exclusive private tours to cocktail parties just for your group. And these amazing touches mean not only extra value, but extra fun for everyone in the group.

owners-cruise-canadian-flag3) Travel with new friends
Because our departures feature extraordinary destinations and experiences, you know you’ll be travelling with others who share the same interests as you do. Truly there’s no better way to make new friends than by travelling together!

4) Value
When you travel on a Vision Travel Group, not only do you get the attractive pricing to be had only with group departures, but you can take advantage of Vision Travel’s $650 billion buying power. You can rest assure you’ll be getting the absolute best value for your vacation dollar.

Intrigued?  Here are the groups we have planned for 2017.

Circumnavigation of Iceland.

Iceland is easily one of the hottest destinations for 2017 so to help our clients get there we have planned a voyage on board the National Geographic Orion with Lindblad Expeditions. Click here to read more.

Alaska & a Journey Through the Rockies

We hosted a tremendously popular trip on Rocky Mountaineer in the Fall of 2016, so since Canada will be celebrating it’s 150’s anniversary of Confederation, it’s seem natural to offer this trip again. This year we are also offering an Alaska cruise which you can take as a stand alone trip or in conjunction with our Rocky Mountaineer experience. Click here to read more.


Spend ten days exploring the legendary Galapagos Islands and all it’s unique wildlife. Click here to read more.

Tahiti & the Society Islands

Discover the islands that enchanted artist Paul Gauguin on board the luxurious ship named for him and purposefully built for the waters of the South Pacific. Click here to read more.

To read about our fall of 2016 Rocky Mountaineer trip click here.  To read about our Vision Travel Owners Cruise in August of 2016 click here.

Please contact your Vision Travel Advisor for more information on these special group departures.