Customize Your Trip

Senior man and woman tourists enjoying in the park.We all love looking at the travel brochures and online at the tempting active travel packages, but did you know that the “published” trips are just the beginning?

Because almost all active travel companies work with small groups (usually max 16 travellers), they tend to be much more nimble on their feet than the big, mass-market travel companies. They’re used to making adjustments and tweaking their programs and almost invariably have a great team on the ground in each destination to help. So let’s see you like an itinerary but it’s just a little too long (or short), or the available departure dates don’t work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact your Vision travel advisor to see if we can help you sort out the perfect trip – both date and duration wise – that works for you. It never hurts to ask!

Another handy tip? If you are travelling in a group – even a smallish one – you may be eligible for not only discounts but your very own group departure! In our experience, when you travel in a group of 10 (sometimes as few as 8) these benefits kick in. And again, chances are the company may be able to tweak, or theme, the departure according to your group’s wishes.