Which is for you: self-guided or group travel?

Most active holiday companies offer a combination of independent (or “self-guided”) itineraries and escorted group tours, which normally top out at 16 or 18 travellers. Each style has its pros and cons which we are happy to share with you.

Self-guided: you get the freedom of travelling on your own or with friends(s) and family. The itinerary is planned in advance Couple looking at map by Metro sign, Parisso there are no nasty surprises, and our partner tour companies are always careful to provide you with detailed trip notes about how to prepare for the trip and what to expect. You can vary the itinerary somewhat to suit you, such as substituting a long lunch for a suggested visit to a museum, and you don’t have to dine and travel about with a group of strangers. Plus independent travel, because there’s no the cost of the group leader, is more inexpensive. On the other hand, it can be lonely if you are on your own, and you may miss out on the full experience without a guide to act as translator, host, provider of the inside scoop, and general smoother-out-of-wrinkles.

Guided group travel: Perfect for the sociable traveller, group travel is usually comprised of a mix of couples and solo Young woman and mature woman on safari with guidetravellers, particularly women, who appreciate the security and conviviality of travelling in a group. As these tour companies market worldwide, often you’ll find yourself travelling with a mixed bag of nationalities, which can be fascinating and fun. The itinerary is of course pre-planned, but your guide is there to re-work things if something goes south – e.g. a day full of rain. Your job is to show up in the morning and after that, you simply follow the leader: all very stress free. The cons? Understandably more expensive than self-guided; as a rule there’s less flexibility and it definitely helps if you are a friendly, go-with-the-flow type.

Whether you’re a self-guided or group type of person, your Vision Travel Advisor will have some great suggestions perfect for you.