Active Travel and Fitness

Comment célébrer le 150e anniversaire du Canada?


We get asked this question all the time – and that’s hardly surprising.  After all, the term “active” implies fit and energetic.  So while we will admit our “active” holidays do require a minimum of fitness, you’d be surprised by the spectrum of fitness levels required. So many people we speak to think you have to train for a year for one of these trips, to which we say – hey, it’s your holiday! It’s meant to be a pleasure, not a labour!

Luckily the majority of our tour company partners rank each trip they offer, starting with leisurely (say, on a walking tour, a total of 4 – 8 kms walking spread throughout each day over fairly level terrain) to tough for which you have to be in really good shape.  But even if you’re booking a leisurely trip, we don’t recommend you step off the plane having done nothing more energetic than reach for the remote each day. Gentle ways to get fit include walking more – try getting off the subway or bus a few stops early – or going for lunchtime walks.  And remember slow and steady wins the race:  if it’s winter, find a treadmill and walk at a steady pace for an hour, increasing the incline and creating a cadence so you are comfortable going steadily for several hours. We often find retirees are better prepared for some of these tours than A-type personalities who can pump iron but poop out on relatively short walks.

P.S.: make sure your footwear is properly broken in before you travel – and on a biking holiday bring your own seat. Your feet and/or your bum will thank you!