Geckos Adventures: The perfect graduation gift

Comment célébrer le 150e anniversaire du Canada?


There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of “The student who worketh the hardest doest deserve the gift of adventure from their loved ones”.

We’re pretty sure Aristotle’s parents coined the phrase, just before they sent him across Greece on the back of a donkey with a bunch of other studious philosophers, writers, dentists and web developers for a truly larger-than-life life experience.

The student in your life has spent the last however many years slaving away over books and boring internet sites and endless cups of coffee ala Rory Gilmore to get a dang good mark in their collegiate endeavours. Be like Aristotle’s folks and reward them with an epic adventure. Here’s why a Geckos trip makes the perfect grad gift for your studious kid:

1. They’ll see all the things

Geckos have a tonne of amazing trips to see the big important things, like the Eiffel Tower and Angkor Wat, and the smaller cooler things, like uber-hip Berlin galleries and teeny-weeny noodle spots in Hanoi.

2. They’ll meet awesome people

Research shows that people who travel on our trips are adventurous, open-minded, kind and really great human beings. Any mathematician worth their salt will tell you that these character traits equate to guaranteed friends for life.

3. It’s super easy and safe

With Geckos, everything’s sorted, so there’s no need for you to sweat the research or logistics. And when you travel with a group, someone’s always got your back (especially our amazing local leaders).

4. They’ll learn important life skills

What’s the best course to take to learn kindness, compassion and how to fold a fitted sheet? It’s at the University of Life, with a major in Travel. Look it up.

5. It’s easy on the budget

We think that everyone should see as much of this big ol’ world as possible, so our trips are super affordable. We stay in cheap and cheerful hostels, get around on local transport, and chow down in local cafes and restaurants (read: super cost effective). Much cheaper than a new car wrapped in an oversized bow.

6. It’s not all party, party, party (but we still have a good time)

While some travellers prefer to morph into nocturnal creatures on OS adventures to study the bottom of a shot glass, we like to end our action-packed days with, erm, slightly more cultural experiences. Think salsa dancing in Cuba, taco eating in Mexico, noodle slurping in Vietnam and schnapps sampling in Slovenia.

7. It’s a REALLY excellent way to say ‘great job!’ to your favourite budding scholar

How many years has the diligent, hard-working, industrious student in your life been diligently working hard in an industrious fashion to get top marks? After weeks, months and years of having their noses buried in enormous/boring reference books, send them out into the big wide world to experience REAL life, in all its gorgeous glory. Fly free, little bird!

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