Out of Africa – and into a host of accomodations

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These days we’re getting more inquiries about African safaris, and for sure a lifelong dream for many. It’s good to know that there’s an array of accommodation types for you which will of course be reflected in the price but also dictate your happiness level. Here, in broad strokes, are your four options:

l) Safari lodges Like an upscale fishing lodge here in Canada, these traditional and often historic lodges offer all the comforts of home of course and are a great base if you like to unpack only once and head out on excursions and day game drives.

2) “Glamping” A huge new trend over the past 15 years or so, these are very (very) fancy tents with floors, carpets, bathroom, electricity, and beds which might just be more comfy than the one you sleep in at home. Definitely decadent and a nice combo of “roughing it in the bush” and civilized luxury.

3) Mobile tents Don’t worry, your rusty boy scout skills won’t be required: your team sets up the accommodation each night on this mobile holiday. The tents are surprisingly spacious, with three “rooms”: a living room, bathroom and bedroom. You experience a sense of the outdoors and get off the beaten path without compromising comfort. The plus here is the flexibility as your tour leaders ensure you go to where the animals are.

4) Participatory camping Another mobile tent option, but this time you pitch in with setting up the accommodation, cooking, doing the dishes and so on. Obviously it’s a cheaper experience because fewer paid staff are needed, but for many this option is not so much about budget as the experience of participating and being part of the team.