6 tips to ensure your travel programme is a success in 2016

As we begin a new year, the business travel sector is full of 2016 forecasts… so to carry on that theme here are six tips the GBTA has provided on making sure your programme is a success in 2016:

Make sure you have all the data
To build a complete data set, you will also need the cleanest data to make the best decisions for your program. Use predictive analytics to identify future opportunities.

Know how your program is performing
It’s essential to understand your performance so you can manage commitments to suppliers and ensure competitive pricing. In 2016, it will be crucial to perform at or above expectations if you want to benefit from any negotiating clout with current suppliers.

Continually assess the supplier landscape
Remain open to new models such as dynamic hotel pricing and single sourcing for airlines as well as new options in the supplier landscape like low-cost carriers and sharing economy providers.

Capitalise on changing market conditions
Today, hotel demand and pricing are fluctuating at such a rapid pace that it is crucial to recognize, understand and adapt your strategies to capitalize on market conditions.

Target traveller behaviour
Get an in-depth understanding of your travel population and its different segments. Use targeted communication such as individual scorecards, online training or gamification to help control traveller behaviour—and your costs—in 2016.

Embrace technology
Prioritise the options most favourable to your program in your online booking tools, capitalize on last-minute opportunities through mobile booking technology and investigate fare- and rate-monitoring solutions to ensure you’re always getting the best available options.

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