Virtual payment, credit security and easy reconciliation comes to Vision Travel

Vision Travel is offering a great new payment service giving you and your travellers the benefits of security, easy reconciliation, easy booking compliance and so much more.


The control of centralized payments with easy reconciliation

The combination of a virtual credit card system, mobile payment app and purchasing card to provide your businesses with powerful spending control and automated processes, along with the mobile convenience that business travellers need.


A single-use virtual credit card payment is generated for each reservation, ensuring that air, hotel and car rentals remain in full compliance.


The single-use virtual card number becomes invalid after the intended transaction, eliminating the risk of lost or stolen cards.


Each unique virtual card number is tied to a specific transaction, enabling automated reconciliation by traveller, by trip or by department.

Three Payment Solutions:

VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD SYSTEM – Integrated with the online booking system, single-use virtual cards are issued for each approved transaction enabling easy reconciliation.

MOBILE PAYMENT APP – Travellers can easily access all reservation data through their mobile device. Authorized employees can monitor and control all spending – including the ability to block plastic cards – and issue single-use credit card numbers for approved purchases.

CORPORATE PURCHASING CARD – Ideal when T&E expenses require plastic, our purchasing card has extraordinary controls that provide complete real-time spending control with the ability to restrict or block usage through web or mobile. One card number per employee enables easy reconciliation.

Admin Controls – Additional administrative controls are available through our web or mobile platform, including complete visibility over payment activity, 24/7.


Hotel direct billing can be a challenge when it’s time for check-in, given most hotels’ requirement of a faxed credit card authorization form.

AUTOMATED FAX SERVICE – Through API integration, the fax is generated and sent to the hotel desk 72 and 48 hours prior to arrival, as well the day of check-in.

MOBILE BACK UP – If the traveller arrives for check-in and the fax cannot be located, the traveller can manually push another fax right from their mobile device.


A powerful expense management solution when in-person transactions require a plastic card. Take efficiency to the next level through global acceptance, real-time online expense management, and the ability to customize spending controls – including activation and deactivation – through the web or mobile app.


  • One card number per employee enables easy reconciliation, reporting and analysis.
  • Authorize groups, sub-groups, or individual employees for specific purchases.
  • Establish parameters for when, where, how much and how often purchases are made.
  • Real-time authorization and online access to track and manage spending.
  • Employee convenience with one card for all travel-related expenses.
  • If an employee’s plastic card becomes lost or stolen – you can instantly block the card through the web or mobile app.


  • Easy and accurate reconciliation, fully automated from our online system.
  • Convenient purchasing process with pre-set limits and controls.
  • Greater productivity for both you and your employees with streamlined expense management.
  • Negotiate better deals with vendors based on your purchasing patterns.


The benefits and protection of the MasterCard ® network.

SUPERIOR AUTHENTICATION CONTROL – Controls to authenticate transaction amounts, including daily/weekly limits.

GEOGRAPHIC CONTROLS – Including the ability to restrict usage by location.

REAL-TIME CONTROLS – Through API, authorized users have the ability to block, activate, adjust and make one-time overrides to cards.

RISK MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT – Through a 24×7 fraud prevention system, accounts are continually monitored to prevent fraud.

SINGLE-USE VIRTUAL CARD – Virtual cards generate a single-use credit card number that becomes invalid after the intended transaction.

CONTROL OF BOTH VIRTUAL AND PLASTIC – Ability to control both the plastic and virtual cards through the UI in real-time via web or mobile device.

BLOCK CARDS – When the unexpected occurs, spending limits and usage can be restricted in real-time. If the traveller’s purchasing card becomes lost or stolen, it can be blocked immediately right through the mobile app.


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