Featured Active Destination: New Zealand

Vineyard in Canterbury, New ZealandIt’s a tiny country that punches way above its weight when it comes to active vacations.  New Zealand is about much more than bungee jumping (though the daredevil sport was invented there).  It’s about crystal clear fjords, stunning hikes leading to ocean vistas, swimming in natural hot tubs.

The options abound in this country of just 4 million people. For gentler adventures, try tramping (as the locals call hiking) or for something more adrenaline-pushing experience rafting, windsurfing, a helicopter ride up to the Fox Glacier, alpine ascents and – did we mention? – bungee jumping. Your Vision Travel advisor can also help you with RV rentals, a hugely popular option in New Zealand where even though you drive on the left, the roads are for the most part blissfully unbusy.

new zealand walkingDon’t forget to check out some of the lush, dreamlike semi-tropical scenery in the Hobbit movies which any Kiwi, as the locals are called, will be proud to tell you were filmed there.

Wherever you go we guarantee there will be a warm Kiwi welcome in this charming country which melds Maori, Asian and European cultures seamlessly.


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