2 Minutes with Ian Race, VP Sales & Account Management at Vision Travel

How much do you travel each year? About 15 to 20 trips a year, mainly within North America. Where was your ever first flight? To Frobisher Bay – now Iqaluit – in the Northwest Territories.  I eventually went on to live & work there for about six months. Aisle or window?  Window: more to see, and easier to doze against.  What’s your favourite airport? I like Schiphol in Amsterdam – lots to do.  Good duty-free shopping, and restaurants, laid out pretty well, nice people. Favourite city? I like San Diego, and “I’m staying classy when I say that.” (Thanks Ron Burgundy)  Any preferred apps? I’m breaking in my first iPhone – so far I like Vision Assure and the traffic app when I’m driving up to my cottage. How do you stay fit when you travel? I walk a lot.  How do you cope with jetlag? I stay up still my regular bedtime hour no matter which time zone I’m in. That really works for me. What do you do with your downtime when you are on the road? (laughs) Who has downtime when they’re on the road? If you could sit next to anyone on a long haul flight, who would it be? Richard Branson – I’ve met him a couple of times and would like to get to know him better. Your must-have travel accessory?  My laptop, iPad and now iPhone. How do you spend your frequent flyer points?  I haven’t yet, saving them for a rainy day! Favourite vacation destination?  Other than my cottage, I like big-ship cruising. What do you think the biggest challenges will be for corporate travel in the next 12 months?   There are a lot of changes to the distribution channels happening, a lot of new mobility applications and opportunities, an increased focus and responsibility towards safety and security, and traveller Duty of Care.  Also, finding and executing ways and means to better control maverick travellers who want to stray from their “managed travel program and corporate policy”. Favourite travel tip?  Check-in in advance if you can, and try not to put things in the seat pocket in front of you!