Should You Purchase Travel Insurance?

Not Sure If You Want To Buy Travel Insurance?


We understand that next to your home and car, travel is one of the largest expenses in your life.  Unfortunately there are situations that arise from time to time that make it impossible to travel or require you to return home in the middle of your trip.

We are often asked what travel insurance covers and how travel insurance differs from credit card coverage.  As far as credit cards go, they all have different coverage, some of it extensive and some of it very limited.  This is something you need to investigate with your credit card company to get the specific details.

We’ve outlined 10 different scenarios to consider when assessing your travel insurance coverage.  Our partner, Manulife Insurance, covers you in all these situations depending on what insurance package you purchase.



  1. Illness or Injury

    If you have or your travelling companion or a family member not travelling with you has an unexpected illness or injury, can you cancel your trip and receive a full refund?


  3. Return Home

    If you are at destination and a family member back home becomes unexpectedly ill or injured, will you be able to fly home and be reimbursed?


  5. Extra Unexpected Costs

    Can you afford the extra hotel, meal, phone and land transportation costs associated with a longer-than planned stay due to an unexpected illness?


  7. Laid Off

    Would you be able to cancel your trip and be reimbursed for your pre-paid non-refundable trip should you be laid off from work?


  9. Canadian Travel Advisory Before You Leave

    If the Government of Canada issues a new warning advising Canadians that they must not travel to the destination you’ve chosen, will you be able to cancel your trip and receive a full refund?


  11. Canadian Travel Advisory After You Leave

    If you are advised by the Government of Canada that you must leave your vacation destination, will you be able to purchase and claim for a new one-way flight home?


  13. Sickness While on Your Trip

    If you get sick while travelling, are you covered for medical expenses that you may incur?


  15. Lost Luggage

    Can you afford to purchase clothing and necessities should your luggage go astray or get delayed?


  17. Snow Storm, Fog, Car Breakdown

    If your trip is interrupted due to weather conditions or mechanical failure of your car or connecting common carrier, can you afford hotel and food expenses associated with this trip interruption? Can you afford the cost of another direct flight to catch up with your trip or to return home?


  19. Any Other Reason

    If you cancel for any reason and decide not to travel before you leave home, Manulife will pay up to 50% of the covered amount for the prepaid portion of your trip that is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date. You must cancel your trip 16 days or more before your departure date as shown on your confirmation, for this benefit to be valid.


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Manulife Travel Insurance travels with you; our All-Inclusive plan covers you for all of the listed unexpected events and more.* They provide up to $5 million in emergency medical expenses and provide caring multilingual assistance and support 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, around the world.