The Wonderment of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a wonder of the world, no question but after having travelled to Peru recently the whole country is full of wonders and is a mesmerizing destination.


Hidden Treasures is the new video and website they have come created,,  you will wonder just how they created what they did.   We travelled in Style with Abercrombie and Kent as our hosts, only six Virtuoso advisors were invited on this adventure through southern Peru. After touring Lima, we hit the dessert, the Amazon and the Andes. We experience the best accommodations and top notch resorts again and again.


The whole journey was full of questions that still linger:

  • How did they build it?
  • Why did they pick that mountain top to level off and put Machu Picchu on?
  • Was it ever finished? AND
  • What is still out there in the Andes that has yet to be found (other sites like Machu Picchu’s are being discovered now and reported to be even more fascinating).


Those questions refer to the Inca’s period,  I now have another bunch of question to do with the current explosion of Gastronomic Experiences to be had:

  • Why has becoming the world best cuisine become such a focus?
  • How can one country have 336 varieties of potatoes?
  • How did Peru become the number one exporter of Asparagus world wide?


You will be so impressed with the diversity and quality of the meals.


I am fascinated by the how and why’s of this small country with a very large population.  The people are lovely and happy to share their culture and lifestyle.   It truly is a place you want to discover and visit.  I plan on returning to the north very soon.