Major Midwestern Cities at Risk for Severe Weather A powerful storm system set to spread howling winds across the Midwest will also spark a nasty round of severe thunderstorms throughout the region Monday night into Tuesday.

People across the region will need to be prepared for disruptions to travel at the very least. Communities that get hit by the worst of these thunderstorms will suffer damage and perhaps even threats to life.

These dangerous thunderstorms will first start ramping up Monday night from central Iowa into southern Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri as a strong cold front pushes into the area.
As the front heads farther east Tuesday, the threat for severe thunderstorms will also shift eastward, targeting areas from eastern Wisconsin and Michigan on south into Tennessee.

Damaging winds capable of downing trees, power lines and even causing damage to some structures will be the main threat.

Blinding downpours will significantly slow traffic, while the thunderstorms also cause airport delays.

Madison, Wis., Champaign, Ill., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and St. Louis, Mo., could be affected Monday night.

Cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville and Nashville are included in the large area at risk for these thunderstorms Tuesday. The nasty weather will swipe these locations west to east throughout the day.

People potentially in the path of these dangerous thunderstorms should seek shelter immediately if a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning is issued. Many severe thunderstorm-related deaths occur when thunderstorms knock trees down onto vehicles and porches that are occupied by people.