Long-range weather: Storm heading towards the Northwest U.S.

ACCUWEATHER.com is reporting that a storm heading for the Northwest United States and British Columbia, Canada may bring not only a wake-up call, but a knockout punch for some areas this weekend.

Tranquil weather currently over the Northwest will soon deteriorate. Storms are lining-up for the attack over the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Coast represents the invasion points for North America.

While two modest storms will roll onshore with clouds, rain and coastal breezes Friday into Saturday, the third and strongest storm of the bunch is on track to slam ashore Saturday evening into Sunday.

The area from northern California to the southern part of the Alaska Panhandle stands to be impacted by the storms.

Cities from Eugene to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver are some of the major cities to be hit first with the storm.

A combination of the snow with high winds and blizzard conditions in the high country could have some outdoor interests stranded.

The same storm poised to slam the Northwest this weekend could evolve into the first large-scale fall/winter storm over the prairies of the US and Canada during the middle of next week.

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