Cabo San Lucas – Las Ventanas

I have just experienced the most incredible resort ever. In every way it exceeded my expectations and totally enamoured me.

Las Ventanas in Cabo San Lucas is everything you could expect for a romantic getaway, or a small family or corporate incentive group. From the moment I was met at the airport by the concierge, to my final departure I was thrilled by the true hospitality of the staff, and the detailed decor and layout of the property.

After a twenty minute or so drive, we pulled up to the hotel entrance, beautifully laid out stonework, where we were met by the team that would care for me over the next few days. I arrived around lunchtime, and my butler (each room has two available every day, all day) took me to the beachside restaurant where I enjoyed seafood tacos. However, I realised my book was in my case, and she hurried off to get it for me. I was unable to decide whether I wanted Bass or Shrimp, and the waiter simply said, “It's three tacos, why not have one of one kind and two of the other.” Such simple solutions don't often get suggested by staff in less well managed hotels. Everything here was truly guest oriented.

After lunch, my butler took me to the room. What a glorious room. A huge bathroom with two vanities in separate areas, a separate shower, enclosed WC and a great tub with aromatic herbs and salts. There was a balcony with a stunning sea view, a built in hot tub, an enormous, built in sofa, probably 12 foot long, and a great spot to eat breakfast or spend a few hours. A real log fireplace for those cooler winter nights. Cooler, of course, is comparative! The whole room was tastefully furnished, and had cooling marble floors and small throw rugs. However, what really stunned me was the bed throw, with “Michael” embroidered across it, and beside the bed, a photo frame with a fabulous picture of Patti from our last cruise together. It was honestly the most shocking thing that has ever greeted me in a hotel, and almost brought me to tears.

There was a stairway to the roof, where I had a private space as large as most hotel rooms, with two chaise lounges, tables, a telescope, and the most comfortable cushions. Delightful. The nicest part is that for a small extra fee, they set the rooftop up as a bedroom. A proper king sized bed, end tables, etc, full length mirrors, the whole works. Some people spend all night up there, others just a few hours, but it is absolutely divine.

All the room amenities were special. A small espresso machine, excellent bath amenities, very fast internet, daily summary newspapers and a complimentary selection for three days a week. However, the very best part of the room, are the butlers. Two, always available. They offered to unpack for me, and when I had a few things needing pressing, off they went, to deliver them back shortly. They would escort you around the site, so you didn't get lost, and brought coffee, newspapers and juice in the morning. The greatest attitude of staff I have encountered anywhere. So smiling, gracious and genuine.

I will add more tomorrow, about the spa, restaurants, suites etc. For now, take a look at the website,