Ash Cloud Shuts Down North Africa and Spain

Apex News Network: By Sylvia Holt on May 12, 2010

Iceland Volcano May 12, 2010 Update – Shuts Down North Africa and Spain

The volcanic ash cloud from Iceland has reached the air space of Turkey. For the first time, the ash reached North African countries. Around 5 airports in Morocco were shut down as a precautionary measure due to the ash cloud.

The ash cloud from the 2010 Iceland volcano also closed airspace over Southern Spain, which caused airports to be shutdown in some Spanish Islands. Turkey affected by the volcanic ash as previously mentioned, but 2 airports were functional in Istanbul.

As far as the latest 2010 Iceland volcano update goes, there is currently no impact on the European air traffic. There are no cancellations, but the probability of delay among Trans Atlantic flights are highly likely.