5 Reasons to Book a Villa Vacation

1. Bring the Generations Together

What more natural way can multigenerational families unite than under one commodious roof? Villas work well for families because everyone has a different place to relax alone and larger areas to spend time together. In addition, villa rentals are child-friendly: they offer many bedrooms, ample space to run around and play, and a hiatus for parents worrying about their children making too much noise.

2. Celebrate Good Times

A villa rental takes commemorations of birthdays and anniversaries to the next – and more unforgettable – level. By having all the amenities and service at your fingertips, you are left with all the time in the world to enjoy your special moment with family and friends.

3. Seek Maximum Privacy

Villas may be mansions, castles, bungalows, or penthouses. However, what most villas have in common are coveted locations that are private and away from others. They can be found all over the world including Europe, South America, Asia, and beyond.

4. Get the Best of Both Worlds

For travellers seeking the retreat of a private residence with all the amenities of a resort, a villa on hotel grounds offers it all. You have space for family togetherness, but when you need all the bells and whistles, the hotel staff team is there to assist with all your needs. Being on resort grounds doesn’t mean that villa residents will feel crowded, villas tend to be located far away from the main hotel.

5. Let the Butler Do It

Rather than leaving guests on their own, private villas often come with service staff, such as chefs, butlers, and concierges to arrange special dinners at home or adventures away, ranging from safaris to heli-skiing. It’s like having well-connected friends who can open doors typically only accessed by locals.

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