The Gift of Travel

Gift of Travel with Family

Spend quality time together where no one has to do dishes and the toughest decision all day will be beach or pool. We have really been seeing an increase in families choosing to forgo more “stuff” and to collect memories instead. No one wished they have bought more stuff but they always wish they had more time.

Gift of Travel for Anniversaries and Special Events

The New Year is almost upon us and with it comes a time of reflection, planning and perhaps resolutions. If you have a celebration coming up in 2021 or 2022, why not mark the occasion with a trip you have been dreaming of. Now is the time to plan. After all, this isn’t a trip you want to compromise on! A celebration trip can also be combined with a multi-generational trip. Many grandparents take the entire family away to celebrate wedding anniversaries or a retirement. If it is your anniversary you are celebrating, ask your Vision Travel advisor about vow renewal packages that are available at resorts and on cruises.

Gift of Travel Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are always popular. They are ideal if someone you know is planning a vacation. Maybe a loved one is always talking about a trip they want to take, getting them a Vision Travel Gift Certificate might just give them the nudge to take the plunge. Our gift certificates never expire and are available starting at $100. Just remember to place your order with your Vision Travel Advisor well in advance, so you receive it in time.

For more information, speak to your Vision Travel Advisor.