Best Winter Travel Options

With this being the first winter since 2019 that most of the world will be open for travel, our top advice for the upcoming season is to plan ahead and be aware that flight schedules are still changing. Currently, flights are limited to some destinations (in particular direct flights) and they will sell out quickly.

Here are our top travel ideas for the upcoming winter season.

Mexico and Caribbean Resort Stays

These are the quintessential winter vacations and what’s not love? With all-inclusive options, amazing meals, fun activities, entertainment, and not to mention, cocktails, these vacations have it all! Leave your worries behind and spend time where the hardest decision you make is to visit the beach or the pool.

Resorts come in many sizes and specialties, so it’s important to remember they’re not all created equal. Your Vision/Direct Travel advisor will work with you to find the right resort for your travel needs. While many resorts might seem interchangeable, they will help you understand some of the nuances between resort styles and destinations. Specialty resorts that are family-focused or Adults Only are always the first to sell out.

Villa Rentals and Vacation Homes

One of the strongest trends we are seeing for this winter is house rentals and villa stays. These are great options for multigenerational travel, families, or small groups; they provide a great opportunity to spend quality time with those you might not see often. In the Caribbean, you can find multi-room villas that are part of bigger resorts, which gives you access to all the resort amenities like restaurants and spas while also having your own private space. Private chefs can be arranged or even come with your rental and most villas have full housekeeping services.

Off-Peak travel to Europe and Christmas Markets

While many look to travel south during the fall and winter months, it’s also a great time to visit Europe. During these months, the crowds have thinned out, giving you better access to top attractions. For repeat travelers to Europe, it’s an opportunity to view how the landscape and activities change over the different seasons. Of course, we can’t forget, winter is the only time you can enjoy the famous Christmas Markets! After scaled-down events last year, we are expecting Christmas Markets to be back to their pre-pandemic glory this year. Great options for travel in Europe include escorted tours, river cruises, or the house rentals we mentioned above.

Long Stays

Have you always wanted to spend time in a destination living like a local and getting to know the essence of a country? Maybe this is your year to try a long stay vacation! Typically at least four weeks, long stays are surprisingly affordable and everyday chores like cooking and groceries become an adventure as you get to know the local markets and learn some of the local recipes. There are great options in Southern Europe such as Spain and Portugal, as well as closer to home in Arizona (especially great for golf lovers) and Costa Rica.

Ready to plan? Contact a Direct Travel Advisor to discuss your winter getaway today.