The Results from our Travel Survey

Thank you to all our dedicated clients who took the time to fill out our recent travel survey. Your insight is critical as we continue our safe return to travel and strive to help make all your travel dreams come true.

Here are some highlights from the survey.

We asked you to surprise us with somewhere you wanted to travel and surprised we were. Many of our clients answered anywhere, which we loved and also relate to. After two years of travel restrictions, any vacation will be indeed be welcome.

Top 10 travels on our clients lists.

Domestic Canada
United States
River cruise

We love the diversity of destinations that our clients are looking at for their next vacation. Number one on the list is Domestic Canada, and this is a trend we have been seeing. Many travellers are not quite ready to cross borders due to quarantine policies in place, therefore are opting to take that trip within Canada they have always dreamed of. Your Vision Travel advisor can help with this, from epic rail journeys through the Rocky Mountains in the west to adventures in Canada’s Maritimes and everything in between they have great options for you.

What type of travel will your next vacation be?





It is not surprising to see resort stays and all-inclusive packages as the most popular type of travel. Winter weather has firmly settled in over most of the country and a little R&R with lots of sun sounds ideal. All forms of cruising continue to be popular with our travellers. Smaller ships are still the prevailing trend and feedback from guests who have travelled is they feel very safe on board because of all guests being tested before they board and the vaccine requirements of guests and staff.  

The Value of Vison Travel Advisors  

Vison Travel Advisors’ services extend beyond their expert travel advice. They clarify travel policies so our clients can make informed decisions and they review change and cancellation policies, a critical service as things remain uncertain. These are just a few of the services our clients find valuable. What we also found was how close our clients relationships’ were with their advisors. In fact, many of our clients indicated they couldn’t surprise their advisor with their travel plans, that their advisor had it all under control.