Fun Facts about the Americas

Fun Facts about the Americas 

From the top of Alaska to the bottom of Patagonia, here are some fun facts about the Western hemisphere we call The Americas that will excite your need for adventure across these beautiful lands! 

Denali, located in south-central Alaska, is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet above sea level. It is the main focus of Denali National Park which is over six million acres of land. Most visitors come from May through September. Holland America has some spectacular land-tour options to visit this park either before or after your Alaskan cruise. 

The Western Canadian coastline is like no other! From rocky shores to spectacular mountain ranges – Hidden lakes with crystal blue waters to prairie lands as far as the eye can see. The first gold prospectors went into the Yukon in 1874, and the Klondike Gold Rush began when gold was discovered in the Yukon River Basin in 1896. Just imagine what those prospectors saw on their journey up the coast of this area of the world! Although a covered wagon will get you into these areas, a more practical way to see this is by train. Rocky Mountaineer is the perfect modern-day solution where the majesty of the Canadian Rockies meets the comfort of luxury train travel. 

Did you know that the first casino in Las Vegas, Nevada was licensed in 1931? From gambling to a fast track on your marriage license, it is no wonder why this notorious destination is nicknamed “Sin City”. With an average of over 300 weddings a day, this city is a treasure trove for destination weddings. There is even a wedding chapel in Taco Bell on The Strip!  This is a city that continually reinvents itself, so new adventures can always be found, whether you’re a first-timer or a regular visitor. WestJet offers some great packages for you to explore all this city has to offer. From visiting the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign to indulging in the Fremont Street Experience, Westjet has you covered. 

Moving further south, we come to the Panama Canal which connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This 48 mile long canal can take a ship about 8 to 10 hours to transit. With 13,000-14,000 vessels passing through the Panama Canal each year, this averages out at a rate of about 35-40 per day! One such company is Princess Cruises. From ships custom built to sail the massive locks to immersive onboard programs and onshore adventures that inspire, Princess is a perfect way to explore this epic phenomenon. They’ve sailed the Panama Canal since 1967 and have extraordinary itinerary choices in this region.  

Brazil alone has about 4,950 miles of coastline with Chile coming in a close second with almost 4,000 miles! Crystal Cruises has great options for seeing this beautiful region as you travel in luxury. From the wilds of Patagonia to sophisticated diversions in grand cities, discover a land of striking contrasts – the warm mystery of the Amazon and the cool majesty of the Chilean fjords; gaucho ranches in Uruguay and famous beaches in Brazil. 


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