Deep Alaska with Seabourn Cruises

The immensity of the Great Land complements the intimacy of Seabourn Sojourn. Seen from the deck, snowy mountains loom in the blue sky, seeming almost close enough to touch. 

Imagine the scene, here at the top of the world. Your ship plows the waters off the Alaskan Coast. From the vantage point of her deck, your eye turns to the wonders of the land: the stark peaks of the Chugach Mountains bordering the Gulf; brown bears roaming the islands of Prince William Sound; tidewater glaciers towering bluewhite, reflected in the rippling surface of the Kenai Fjords. 

And under the surface? Mystery. Ocean temperatures here don’t rise much above 50° F even in midsummer. In winter, the water temperature hovers around freezing; it’s an environment seemingly as inimical to life as the surface of the moon. 

But life, as they say, finds a way. Far below the keel and the whirling propellers, fathoms down in the frigid North Pacific, where it’s sunless and silent, there is constant activity of marine life and human endeavor — most of it unseen. Look a little deeper. 

It takes a fearless creature to thrive in these icy waters, and there are few creatures as fierce as the orca. These massive predators, also known as killer whales, can reach lengths of up to 26 feet. They prefer coastal waters to the profound depths of the open ocean, as they must surface periodically to breathe. Alaska is one of the best places on either to view Orcas.  

The Alaskan King Crab thrives in the frigid waters if Norton Sound, the mouth of the Yukon River and around the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago south of Anchorage. Did you know when fully extended their massive legs give the creature an overall width of about six feet?  

Also, in the waters around Alaska are seals, sea lions, ray and the smaller species of beleen whales.   

Seabourn combines ultra-luxury with expedition-style flair to bring you a more in-depth experience of all these amazing creatures plus the area’s nature, history and forestry. Seabourn’s unique blend of exhilarating, up-close adventures with luxurious amenities invite you to experience the Great Land in a myriad of ways.   

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