Trending Destinations to Escape This Winter

A new year, a new you… Travel planning for the new year can seem daunting so why not explore new destinations on roads less traveled? With 2020 coming up, check out some of our HOT destinations to consider for your next vacation.


Barbados is renowned for their fun events throughout the year. Check out Festive Fridays at the Bridgetown Night Market for the ultimate weekend starter. Did you know that they even have The Barbados Celtic Festival which is a music festival celebrating the links between the Celtic Countries of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Nova Scotia, the Gallic regions in Europe and the sunny Caribbean island of Barbados? This beautiful island also allows for catamaran sailing, the Oistins Fish Market (one of the world’s most spectacular), and a tremendous gaming reserve. There is just so much to do – so many treasures to uncover – as you soak up the warmth and enjoy the comforts of this stunning island.


Thailand’s rapid economic growth between 1985 and 1996 turned it into a major tourist destination, with the Chatuchak Weekend Market (one of the largest in the world), the Grand Palace (in Bangkok), and Phang Nga Bay (with sheer limestone cliffs) as major attractions. This destination is growing in popularity and everyone (including the Pope this November) is going! This destination is filled with ancient temples, modern cityscapes, relaxing beach resorts and everything in between.


Portugal’s Douro Valley vineyards have served as the center of the port-wine industry for 400 years. But look beyond the bottom of your glass to discover the cliffs and beaches of the Algarve, the waterfalls and lakes of Peneda-Geres National Park, the gorges and peaks of Madeira, and the maze-like Moorish alleys of Lisbon. Feast on traditional salted codfish, or ply waters teaming with sea bass, grouper, and salmon for your own fresh catch. River cruising is beginning to gain traction in this stunning destination as well. Wine themed cruises are a great option to see the different terroirs of the region with only having to unpack once.


Speaking of river cruising, cruises in general are a great option for that winter getaway. They travel to all continents of the world so it is your choice. When we think of our winter here in the northern hemisphere, we tend to forget that the seasons are opposite down south. The best time to visit Antarctica is actually between November and March when their climate is a bit warmer and the temperatures may climb above freezing. Of course, if you need to warm up, The Caribbean is an obvious choice of a winter destination for many travelers. There are so many different countries with amazing cultures and scenery that it may be hard to pick just one. Keep in mind that if you have some extra time on your hands, combining an Eastern and Western Caribbean cruise can not only lengthen your vacation but may offer a better value for you as well.