Iberostar Hotel & Resorts

There are hundreds of amazing resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. How to decide which one is best for you?  At Vision Travel, we believe the best vacation is the one that best suits your needs and brings you the most value. Iberostar family of resorts offers a diverse selection of resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba all of which offer a sustainable tourism model based on excellent service.


There are some spectacular and magical places in the world that enchant anyone who visits them. Iberostar has over 120 four- and five-star hotels, located in the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, Africa and America.

The Iberostar hotel portfolio offers you ocean resorts, city hotels and heritage hotels. In addition, there is the Grand category, the highest level of luxury and excellence. From the Caribbean to North Africa, and from the Mediterranean to New York, Iberostar will take you to places you’ll never forget.


Iberostar is committed in doing their very best to anticipate your needs and ensure excellence at all times. Here is what to expect in each of their hotel experiences:

Ocean Resorts – An intense experience by sea that offers all you could possibly need – Just relax and feel rejuvenated.

Heritage Hotels – A unique discovery. Iberostar historic hotels are a discovery in all senses of the word, surrounding you with art, culture and history, giving you time to make the most of their calm and peaceful environments and just enjoy the moment.

Grand Category – Experience the unequalled splendor of the Grand Iberostar. Gourmet dining, exclusive lavish spas, magnificent suites with spectacular views and a personal butler or concierge service to meet all of your needs.


The culinary experience at Iberostar combines tradition with new concepts based on exceptional raw ingredients. Their restaurant chefs are continuously striving to be innovative and provide guests with varied, healthy and imaginative international and local cuisine.

Responsible Tourism

Most of Iberostar commitment to the environment comes from marine habitats. More than 80% of their hotels can be found at the sea. Iberostar contributes to the conservation of our seas and oceans by encouraging a change in mindset through the “Wave of Change” movement – a pioneering initiative from Iberostar to reduce the use of plastics, promote responsible consumption of seafood, and improve coastal health.



Iberostar Hotels are available as package vacations from all over Canada through our partners.  Speak to your Vision Travel Advisor to learn more.