Heritage Travel

TV shows like Finding your Roots and Who do you think you are? along with readily availability DNA testing kits have caused a renewed interest in Genealogy Travel. It used to be genealogy travel meant rifling through records in dusty archives but today much of that research can be done online, therefore, today’s genealogy travel is much more focused on experience where one came from.

Here are a few Genealogical focused travel ideas:

Jewish Heritage Tours and River Cruises

Jewish Heritage tours are available in many cities/countries around the world including India, Morocco, China, Copenhagen, Denmark, Paris, Ireland, Poland, Venice, Bordeaux, Greece and more.


Uniworld’s Jewish Heritage cruises celebrate the 2,000-year-old Jewish legacy in the Rhineland. Uniworld hosts the only Jewish Heritage itinerary on the Rhine River.

While visits to Holocaust memorials, Jewish museums and WWII sites are an important part of this journey, their aim is to tell the whole story—the story of how the Jewish people thrived for centuries in Germany and are flourishing there once again.

Uniworld has designed their Jewish Heritage theme cruises to serve as cross-cultural “bridges of understanding.” Experience the Uniworld difference onboard the only Jewish family-owned river cruise line—there’s no finer way to discover today’s Germany.

Avalon Waterways

Sail back into Jewish history on the Danube with a renowned expert on board to provide fascinating lectures and background history about the places and events that played roles in Jewish heritage. Visit the world’s second largest synagogue in Budapest, Regensburg’s Document Neupfarrplatz museum, and Prague’s Jewish Museum and cemetery. Travel to one of Czechoslovakia’s largest concentration camps in Terezin, and hear of the historic experiences at a poignant memorial.

Cunard Journey of Genealogy in association with Ancestry

Ancestry experts will host talks themed around the historic Mayflower voyage and the stories of the passengers on board, look back at the descendants of our founder Sir Samuel Cunard, and offer the opportunity to trace your family tree through the centuries and find out how your DNA connects you to the world.

Israel Christian and Jewish Heritage Tours

Israel is an exceptional destination and there are multiple tours that offer in-depth cultural and religious experiences. Tours can be Christian focused, Jewish focused or a combination depending on your background and interests.

Ireland and the United Kingdom

An enormous number of North Americas early immigrants came from Ireland and the United Kingdom, driven here by famine, religious persecution, poverty and in search of opportunity. CIE International offers an Irish Heritage tour complete with a private driver which will allow you to customize your experience.

If you know what areas of the United Kingdom your family hailed from, your Vision Travel advisor will work with local on sites to create a custom itinerary that allows you to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.

Your history awaits.

Exploring our pasts and the challenges our ancestors faced leads to a greater understanding of ourselves and the world.