5 Family Vacation Tips

Thinking of spending some time together with your family on your next vacation? Here are five tips to help you make it a great experience.

1. Plan ahead and ask for help!

There’s no doubt about it, family travel requires organization. From finding the perfect destination to booking accommodation and airfare, it’s a hefty to-do list. Avoid all the stress of last-minute preparation and plan ahead…way ahead! Even better? Ask your travel advisor for help – they will provide useful tips and insights, lifting the heavy burden of planning an intricate trip for all your family members right off your shoulders.

2. Get everyone’s input

Have everyone – including the kids – make a wish-list of what they would like to do at the destination. Pick activities on each list so that each family member has their “moment” during the trip. A simple idea leading to many happy travellers.

3. Don’t overbook

The excitement of visiting a new destination can sometimes be overshadowed by the extensive must-sees. However, remember that you can’t do it all. Try not to overbook and spend your holiday running from one place to another! Allow plenty of time for each excursion, so everyone, from kids to grandparents, will be able to keep up, leaving time for spontaneity and relaxation!
Bonus Tip: Reserve in advance to avoid long lineups whenever you can, especially if you travel with young children. You’ll thank us later!

4. Have backup plans

Always expect the unexpected. Verify you have the right travel insurance and keep your travel advisor contact information handy in case of trip disruptions or flight delays. Likewise, Nature’s unpredictability can often leave us making last minute activity changes. Research a few indoor outings to do in case weather forces you to cancel that day at the amusement park.

5. Enjoy your time together

Whether you’re having a blast on a cruise ship, discovering the wonders of Europe, or relaxing on a beach resort, the most important thing is the time spent together as a family. No matter what happens, enjoy the moments, create memories, and know nothing can really go wrong if you’re together!


Need help planning your family vacation? Your Vision Travel advisor is just an email or phone call away!