Small Ship Adventure Expeditions

Small Ship adventure expeditions are extraordinary experiences—designed with curious, intelligent people in mind. This type of travel provides you with an opportunity to visit the planet’s exceptional places, many of which are otherwise inaccessible or best accessed by ship, places such as the Galapagos, Costa Rica & Panama and the stunning reefs of Belize.

Travelers don’t want to be passive tourists anymore. There is a desire for active engagement, the opportunity for up-close forays, to see deeper into the marine or terrestrial environments being visited. More and more guests who thought they didn’t like the idea of group travel have marveled at the rewards of sharing experiences with passionately dedicated experts, inspiring photographers and like-minded fellow guests.

This type of travel provides privileged, personal encounters with the world’s wonders. Wonders such as the remote Galapagos Islands. Straddling the equator, 600 miles west of the South American coast, the Galápagos Islands lie at the crossroads of many East Pacific Equatorial Currents, where tropical and subtropical waters meet, allowing diverse species from all over the Pacific, The wildlife of this region is legendary for its uniqueness and lack of fear allowing for the very rare experience of being treated as an equal in the wild world. Each Island is unique with its own endemic species and the oceans surrounding each island brim with life and wonder. Venture into diverse habitats from lush green highlands to stark volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches to mangrove thickets, from arid terrain to black lava beaches adorned with emerald seagrasses. There are also opportunities to dive among outstanding abundant and exceptionally diverse marine life.

If not Galapagos, imagine discovering the lush, verdant tropics of South America. Venture into the heart of the Osa Peninsula to discover hidden pools and waterfalls. This is an area where you immersed into wildness and biodiversity at its best. Experience the Panama Canal, a modern engineering marvel carved from the Panamanian jungle, from a unique perspective and visit. Kayak, paddleboard, swim or snorkel within the arresting Coiba National Park. Imagine horseback riding along a deserted beach or hiking a remote trail thru jungle filtered light in search of bird life.

Or, perhaps explore the little known, and rarely traversed by sea, eastern Coast of Mesoamerica which is brimming with genuine wildness and eco-diversity. Belize’s large expanses of dense tropical forests and stretches of flowing rivers foster chances to experience wildlife unique to the region. This region offers remarkable ecological and archaeological activities to choose from, snorkeling on stunning reefs, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and diving the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. Add to this trekking amid giant ceiba trees—the sacred tree of the Mayas—and searching for some of the 400+ species of birds, howler monkeys, tree frogs and more in this region.

Whether you’re planning to travel independently, share the experience with your spouse, significant other, friends, or bring the whole clan to celebrate a landmark event, a small ship expedition will exceed your expectations, and change the way you see the world. It might even change your life.

Small Ship Adventure Expeditions special offers from Lindblad Expeditions on now until July 31, 2019.

1. Costa Rica & Panama Canal – Free round-trip airfare or two-day Panama City Extension – Book by Jul. 31, 2019 and receive Free round-trip economy group airfare between Miami and San Jose/Panama City. Or, choose a complimentary two-day extension in Panama City.

2. Galápagos Aboard National Geographic Endeavour II & Galápagos Aboard National Geographic Islander – Free Round-trip Air – Book by Jul. 31, 2019 for Free Air from Miami on select dated in 2019-2020. Business class upgrade starting at USD$500.

3. Belize to Tikal: Reefs, Rivers & Ruins of The Maya World – Book by Jul. 31, 2019 and receive Free Round-Trip economy group airfare between Miami/Guatemala City. Business Class upgrade starting at USD$550.


Vision Travel Virtuoso Offer: $200 shipboard credit per cabin, applicable for all bookings aboard our Lindblad Expedition – National Geographic Fleet. Please note that this is not applicable to chartered ships (Oberoi Philae, Delfin II, Jahan, Lord of the Glens and Sea Cloud).

Terms and conditions apply. See your Vision Travel advisor for full details.