Unparalleled Spitsbergen

Also known as Svalbard, this Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, north of mainland Europe, is the ideal destination for an expedition cruise. Home to a plethora of wildlife and spectacular scenery it provides visitors with a taste of everything the Arctic offers.

Polar Bears: the King of the Arctic


The Svabald region is home to approximately 3,000 polar bears, which means their population far exceeds the human population. This makes it is a fantastic location for safely viewing the largest carnivore on earth.

As polar bears roam freely and are a protected species, there are no official polar bear safaris. Your best chance to observe these majestic animals is on an expedition cruise in the summer.

Svalbard Reindeer – urban and wild!

The Svalbard reindeer have no natural predators in Svalbard, and they are not really scared of humans or other animals. You’ll often find them wandering right through Longyearbyen, and sometimes they irritate car drivers by walking in the middle of the road. Locals find themselves enjoying morning coffee watching wild reindeers grassing just outside of the window.

Polar Summer

The midnight sun arrives in late April and won’t drop back below the horizon until late August. Day and night become one in the high arctic and the light is the same around the clock.

Birds invade the archipelago in vast numbers to nest. The waters surrounding the archipelago are very nutritious and offer a plentiful supply of food. An abundance of walruses, seals, and whales enter the fjords of Svalbard, attracted by the feast on offer in the cold waters by the ice edge. This is the ideal time for wildlife lovers to visit.

Why an Expedition Cruise

They gear Spitsbergen expedition itineraries toward optimum wildlife viewing and provides plenty of occasions to chance upon polar bears, walrus, and reindeer. The opportunities to get some amazing photographs in the continuous daylight are as bountiful as the environment itself. Examine the history and geology of Spitsbergen while checking out the remarkable landscape and colorful tundra.

Imagine gliding across the surface of a bay in the presence of icebergs and glaciers. Expedition cruises also offer Sea Kayaking adventures which are the best way to feel at one with the sea, especially in the polar regions.

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With notes from Quark Expeditions and visitsvalbard.com