Self- Guided Tours with Exodus Travels

Go Your Own Way

If the call of the open road has put a spell on you but the planning has you feeling overwhelmed, then self-guided might be just what you’re looking for. Exodus self-guided tours give you the freedom to have your very own cycling, walking or cultural adventure at a pace that suits you. Detailed kilometer-by-kilometer route notes, flexible schedules, recommended restaurants, carefully selected hotels, and luggage transfers between each hotel mean all you need to focus on is savouring your quality time away… and the terrific local food & wine, of course!

It’s all in the details

Whether it’s the little-known church off the main square in Tuscany, a special invitation to Alsace’s best sun-drenched vineyard, or the detour in the Austrian Lakes which is really worth the extra effort– Exodus knows it’s these little touches which transform a good holiday into a great one. You’re free to travel as a couple, on your own, or with a group of friends. Pause or power on, the choice is up to you; cherry-pick your sightseeing stops along the way, decide to linger a little over your lunch, or set off an hour earlier to catch the coolest part of the day.

Where You Sleep Matters

One of the most important decisions when traveling is choosing where you will stay. From centuries-old castles and converted farmhouses to stylish villas and converted convents with wonderful cloisters and hidden courtyards, no two hotels are ever the same, and after a long day of touring, it’s important to know you’ll be able to rest and relax in comfort. Rest assured that all accommodations have been researched and tested by a team of experts from Exodus, so you’ll be staying in the finest, friendliest, and most charming hotels your chosen region has to offer.

A Gastronomic Journey

Don’t worry, Exodus haven’t forgotten the most important part of any getaway: the food. Delicious local food and fine wine are essential ingredients for any self-guided tour. Everywhere you stay, you’ll sample a mouthwatering selection of local culinary treats. On days when meals haven’t already been organized for you, your trip notes will feature suggestions on where to find the most outstanding regional cuisine, ensuring you don’t miss out on a city’s lesser-known gems.