Explore with Lindblad Expeditions

Explore with Lindblad Expeditions.

Featured Expedition – the Galapagos

Snorkel, hike, kayak, paddleboard, and cruise by Zodiac and encounter animals unafraid of you when you explore with Lindblad Expeditions.

Since their first international tourist expedition cruise to the Galápagos Islands in July 1967 with Lars-Eric Lindblad, Lindblad Expeditions has introduced generations of guests to these strange and wonderful islands, the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sailing twice weekly, all year round.

Each week you explore with Lindblad Expeditions is crafted to offer you a panoramic experience of the archipelago. Within hours of travelling to the Galápagos Islands, you’ll experience an abundance of wildlife. And each day will deliver a new island to discover and explore.

This is a unique and immersive style of travel.  Lindblad’s 360º approach is your guarantee of an in-depth encounter with all the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Chose between two exceptional expedition ships,  the brand new 96-guest National Geographic Endeavour II or the yacht scaled 48 guest National Geographic Islander.

Your Lindblad Expedition in the Galapagos

Lindblad’s ships that will be your base for an unforgettable Galápagos travel expedition are like floating safari camps as they immerse you in a movable feast,

a panoramic experience of exploring the Galápagos Islands. Crossing between islands most often takes place overnight to maximize time exploring. So you’ll wake to fresh vistas outside your cabin window and daily discoveries.  You will experience all the endless magic of Galápagos’ diverse habitats: from lush green highlands to stark volcanic landscapes; pristine beaches to mangrove thickets; from arid terrain to black lava beaches adorned with emerald seagrasses.

Guest have the chance to snorkel almost every day and sometimes even twice a day. Lindblad’s ships carry complete snorkel gear, including wetsuits in every size so there is no need to tote gear from home. Upwelling currents in the Galápagos archipelago bathe the region in nutrient-rich waters making it incredibly rich in marine life.

Each evening the entire expedition community gathers in the lounge for an expedition ritual Lindblad calls “Recap.”  Enjoy cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres while various naturalists give talks or the undersea specialist shows video.  Your expedition leader will outline the following day’s schedule at this time. Guests often comment that the nightly Recap is one of the fondest memories of their expedition experience.

The team on board consists of; an expedition leader, Lindblad’s handpicked naturalists,  a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, an undersea specialist, and a wellness specialist. Their knowledge and passion for the islands is the key to your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

New! Scuba Option

Diving in Galápagos is outstanding, Blessed with abundant and exceptionally diverse marine life, fascinating underwater volcanic topography diving in the Galapagos is recommended for advanced divers with experience in drift diving, cold water, and strong currents. Straddling the equator, 600 miles west of the South American coast, the Galápagos Islands lie at the crossroads of many East Pacific Equatorial Currents, where tropical and subtropical waters meet. This allows diverse species from all over the Pacific, and some parts of the Indo-Pacific to arrive. Lindblad Expedition’s new dive option is an additional cost on select sailings and must be reserved in advance. Be sure to speak to your Vision Travel Advisor if you are interested in this option.

Special Offer

Lindblad is making it even easier to set off on an expedition to the Galapagos with their FREE air offer.  Book by Jul. 31, 2018 for free round-trip air from Miami on select 2018 Galápagos departures on both National Geographic Islander and National Geographic Endeavour II through Dec. 2018. Speak to your Vision Travel Advisor to learn more!