Packing for your Active Holiday

What to pack for your Active Holiday?  Having the right clothing is important for any vacation as being comfortable will only improve your vacation experience.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing your Active Holiday wardrobe

In general

Choose clothing that wicks away moisture, breathes and allows you to move freely. Linen blends, cotton and speciality sports clothing are ideal.

Pants that “convert”

These are pants that zip off to become shorts. A great option for trips where the mornings are cool but the temperature increases during the day.  The zip off portions are compact and can easily fit into your daypack.

A great hat

Never underestimate the importance of a great hat.  Not only will it keep the sun off but a really good hat will keep you cool and protect you from the rain.  Tilly Canada makes some of the best hats you could pack for an Active Holidays. The majority of their hats are water repellent, offer maximum sun protection, have a cord system that keeps them in place even in gusty weather, they wick moister away and stay afloat should it land in the water.  And they are Canadian- what more could you ask for!

Walking Poles

If your journey features hiking or walking,  we recommend investing in a pair of walking poles. They reduce the strain on your knees and help improve your balance. They also help to enhance your walking rhythm.


Happy feet are critical for any vacation. For walking/hiking holidays ensure you have excellent ankle support. Always bring a second pair of walking shoes to give your feet a break. Have a pair of flip-flops or waterproof sandals on hand for when you hit the pool or beach.  If you are taking a biking holiday sturdy boots might not be necessary but a rather a really good pair of running shoes.


Great socks go hand in hand (or maybe foot in foot) with great footwear.  In colder climates, wool socks are a must as even if they get wet they will keep your feet warm and comfortable.  In hotter climates look for speciality sports socks that wick away moisture.

Remember: break in your footwear BEFORE you leave for your adventure. This includes your socks! Blisters are a travellers nemesis.

Compression Bags

These are available wherever you buy luggage and are great for travel. They are essentially heavy-duty ziplock bags: place your clothing in them, roll the air out and seal.  Tremendous space savers, especially if you are travelling with bulky clothes as fleeces or sweaters.

Add a sense of adventure – and your sense of humour – and you’ll have a great trip!