Experience Greenland

Is it time for you to experience Greenland? If you’ve dreamed of Zodiac cruising in a UNESCO World Heritage Site like Ilulissat Icefjord, or immersing yourself in Norse and Viking history at ruins like Hvalsey Castle, Greenland is the Arctic expedition destination for you. As the world’s largest island, Greenland has a lot of to offer the expedition traveller. We asked the experts at Quark Expeditions to give us an overview of expeditions to Greenland.

Greenland is typically divided into three distinct regions, each with their own highlights. Quark Expeditions offers multiple expeditions to Greenland, some let you experience highlights of each region while others do a deep dive into one area.

Experience Greenland’s Three Distinct Regions:

East Greenland is where you’ll find both the world’s largest national park, and the largest fjord system on the planet.

South Greenland is a great place to discover evidence of the country’s thousands of years of inhabitation–from the earliest residents approximately 4,500 years ago, to the arrival of the Inuit some 1,000 years ago, to Erik the Red’s development of Norse communities beginning in 982 A.D.–have left Greenland a rich history and fascinating culture.

West Greenland is where you’ll find the spectacular Ilulissat Icefjord and might even see icebergs freshly calved from massive glaciers. You might visit Eqip Sermia, one of the most scenic and photographed places in Greenland, and also visit authentic Greenlandic villages.

What to Expect on a  Quark Expedition

On your Greenland expedition, you’ll have access to the ship’s open decks and bridge for wildlife watching and photography as you cruise from one excursion site to another. Your Expedition Leader is constantly monitoring sea and ice conditions, charting the safest path forward to the most interesting and exciting Zodiac cruise and shore landing destinations.

Your days will be filled with:

Zodiac excursions with skilled, experienced guides to help you interpret and understand what you’re seeing, hiking and exploring diverse landing sites, from authentic Greenlandic villages to incredibly remote tundra and fascinating historic sites and ruins, expert lectures and presentations from marine biologists, geologists, naturalists and other scientists and Arctic experts, optional adventures and activities like photography workshops offered onboard, hikes of varying difficulty, and even sea kayaking in the birthplace of the word ‘kayak’, nutritious, delicious chef-prepared meals to keep you energized throughout an active expedition, and onboard celebrations and events in the lounges, dining room and on deck, as organized by your Expedition Team.

Ready to Experience Greenland?

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