Trending Destinations

A look at the destinations trending for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018.


Portugal averages 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and pleasant temperatures year round. There are many opportunities to experience Portugal such a Doro river cruise which operate from March to November, a long stay holiday on the coast to escape winter, wine region tours and more.


A longtime favourite of honeymooners and surfers, Hawaii is a wonderfully diverse destination made up of eight main islands, each unique in their own way.  While Hawaii is, of course, a fantastic beach, surf and dive destination, it is now increasingly drawing those looking for land-based adventures as well as foodies, eco-tourists, and culture seekers.


Barbados holidays can include much more than just beautiful beaches and the great outdoors. This vibrant island plays host to an astonishing array of annual events including world-class sports, music festivals, theatre performances and our much-loved Barbados carnival during the Crop Over harvest festival celebrations – called Grand Kadooment, it’s considered one of the best festivals in the world.


Australia is high on the list for Canadian travellers but due to its size,  it can present a challenge for visitors. Our advisors have a few suggestions to overcome this obstacle.  The first is to consider either a  cruise or ideally a cruise combined with a land tour.   Much of the key destinations are on Australia vast coastline, making it an ideal cruise destination. Your ship will sail to you to your next destination night while you are sleeping, maximising your time.


Home to Sedona, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon Arizona’s landscape is awe-inspiring.  Outdoor adventure abounds, including year-round golfing and Canadian’s looking for a wellness vacation will find world-class spas such as Canyon Ranch or the more intimate 16 roomed Mii amo.