Take Better Travel Photos

In today’s digital world it’s possible to take hundreds of pictures while on vacation.  The risk is that we watch our entire vacation through the lens of the camera rather than with our own eye as we try and capture every moment.  We have gathered tips to help you immortalize your next vacation well still being able to enjoy the moment.

Tip 1: Think about lighting

Use a flash outdoors if your subject is in shadow – even on sunny days. Shoot with the sun behind you instead of the subject. Cloudy days or shade can provide flattering lighting. And remember the magic hour of early or late in the day when the light is golden. It will make your vacation photos look stunning.

Tip 2: Look for close-up opportunities

Fill the picture area with the subject. It’ll make for a more dramatic, interesting photo with details that aren’t visible with a wider shot.

Tip 3: Move your subject to one side

Fight the natural impulse to centre the subject. Centering the subject may mean the background gets minimized or even lost. Positioning your subject to one side brings out the complete setting and provides more visual interest.

Tip 4: Find an unusual angle

Shooting a photo of your three-year-old? Crouch down to his level. Want a birds’-eye view? Raise yourself and your camera higher. This technique enhances interest by providing a view that most people (who tend to see things at eye level) may miss.

Tip 5: Frame the image

Shoot your subject through an object such as a window or doorway. Even objects as diverse as ancient ruins or an abstract sculpture can offer on-the-spot ways to frame and emphasize your subject.

Tip 6: Keep it simple

Too many elements in a photo distract the viewer and create a messy shot. Pick out just a few elements – or even one – and fill your shot with those.

Tip 7: Look for colour

Color livens up a picture and opportunities to snap vacation photos full of it abound. Think of fruits and vegetables at a local market, or bright flowers in a green field.

Tip 8: Use black and white

Conversely, try using black and white only. It will heighten the drama, emotion and contrast.